Interactive displays 

Health by Design have identified that not all employees have the capacity to take 30 - 60 minutes away from their work for a seminar or workshop. 

To cater for this, we have created a range of interactive displays to help educate your employees for a period of time that suits their demands.

How will an interactive display at your workplace benefit your employees’ health and safety?

Visible interactive displays demonstrate your commitment to creating a healthy work environment by having a positive impact on your workplace culture and increasing awareness of relevant health and safety issues.


Join the Dots: health awareness and safety

There are several workplace health factors that can influence safety at work. Employees who are aware of these factors (such as heat, noise and good ergonomic and manual handling practices) and who increase their health and safety knowledge, can in turn reduce the number of injury risks in the workplace both personally and for their work colleagues. 


  • Quizzes, surveys, testing, handouts, posters, banners and other interactive opportunities
  • Question and discussion opportunities with qualified health practitioners
  • Take home information for employees, family and friends
  • Employees can visit areas that are of interest and relevant to them
  • Interactive displays are set up in a visually appealing manner to create a ‘fun factor’ and obtain higher engagement levels

Solution options

  • 60min, 120min, 180min or further options available
  • Over 75 health, wellness and injury prevention topics to choose from





  • Displays are set up in high traffic and easy to access locations
  • Time efficient for employees who can spend either small or large amounts of time participating in the display
  • Delivered by tertiary qualified health practitioners/exercise physiologists with the most up to date knowledge and skills