Workshops & seminars 

At Health by Design we have a large and diverse team of tertiary qualified health professionals who can deliver interactive, engaging, and educational workshops or seminars.

How will a workshop or seminar help you to look after your employees’ health?

Workshops and seminars are an excellent way to launch a health and safety initiative or raise awareness of critical issues. Health by Design’s workshops and seminars will give your employees relevant information, as well as practical strategies, for enhancing health and safety. Our presenters encourage interaction, making the workshops and seminars a fun, valuable and engaging experience.

Join the dots: health awareness and safety

There are several workplace health factors that can influence safety at work i.e. heat and noise as well as safer ergonomic and manual handling practices. Employees who are aware of these factors and who increase their health and safety knowledge, can in turn reduce the number of injury risks at their workplace both personally and for their work colleagues.


Solution options

  • 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute seminars and workshops
  • Over 75 health, wellness and injury prevention topics to choose from


  • Promotional material and accompanying information booklets
  • Interactive components that encourage employee participation and interaction
  • Service evaluations are provided on the day to be collated with a summary report provided following the workshop


  • All workshops and seminars are developed by our Research and Development team which provides you with flexibility and content specificity
  • A range of delivery options ensuring a quality service no matter the logistical challenges at your workplace
  • Provides practical information and strategies to a team of employees, promoting positive health behaviour changes
  • Delivered by tertiary qualified health practitioners/exercise physiologists/nutritionists with the most up to date knowledge and skills